General Power Rate Schedule

The fuel cost adjustment changes monthly as explained in the FCA section on the main Power Rates page.  To view the base rates without the fuel cost adjustment, click here.  Click on the link to download a copy of the 2020 General Power Rates Schedule GSA .  The base rates in the schedule do not have the TVA imposed environmental fee which is added to both the energy and demand components.  These fees are simply passed through by MUS and are included in the base rates below.  Additionally, the base rates in the General Power Rates Schedules PDF do not include the current TVA rate adjustments that is added to the base.  Again, this is a pass through charge and can vary each year.  The base energy rate column below contains all yearly fixed charges pertaining to the current season.  the only monthly variable is the fuel cost.  Click GSA Forecast to view the 2022 forecast as well as the last 12 month rates. 

For manufacturers in the GSA3 rate class that have certain SIC codes, NAICS codes, there are credits applied via TVA's General Manufacturing Credit.  The following links provide more detail of this GMC as well as the application.

The base energy rate changes with the seasons as defined below:

  • Summer: June, July, August, September
  • Transition: April, May, October, November
  • Winter: December, January, February, March
Current Rates Effective Aug 1, 2022

Commercial Service - GSA-1
(Less than 50 kW)
Customer Charge (per delivery point)  Single Phase $27.87
Three Phase $45.19
  Energy Rate
(Base +Adj +Env)
Fuel Cost Adjustment (cents) Total Cost cents per kWh
Energy Charge All kWh 8.983 4.792

Commercial Service - GSA-2
(Between 50 kW and 1,000 kW)
Customer Charge (per delivery point)  $135.50
Demand Charge First 50 kW $0.00
Excess over 50 kW $13.66
  Energy Rate
(Base +Adj + Env)
Fuel Cost Adjustment
Total cents per kWh Cost
Energy Charge First 15,000 kWh 8.451 4.792 13.243
Additional kWh 4.687 4.731 9.418


Commercial Service - GSA-3
(Between 1,000 kW and 5,000 kW)
Customer Charge (per delivery point)  $275.08
Demand Charge First 1,000 kW $13.91
Excess over 1,000 kW $16.04
  Energy Rate
(Base + Adj + Env)
Fuel Cost Adjustment
Total cents per kWh Cost
Energy Charge All kWh 4.678 4.731 9.409

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