Power System Maintenance Evaluation

MPS has a program to evaluate and maintain the integrity of the power system from top to bottom, a head to toe approach. The program areas include the following:

Delivery Point Substations - Where power is received from TVA:

  • Maintenance and testing of transformers, breakers and battery systems
  • TVA loss control and verification
  • Oil testing of major transformers

69kV Transmission System:

  • Pole and line inspection every five years
  • Vegetation management to assure right of ways are cleared every three years

Distribution Substations:

  • Maintenance of transformers and load tap changers
  • Oil testing of transformers
  • Maintenance and testing of breakers and battery systems
  • Testing of TVA revenue meters
  • Semi-annual infrared testing of switches, arrestors and transformers

Primary Distribution (13.8kV) System:

  • Recloser and capacitor inspection every three hours
  • Pole base survey & treatment (ten year cycle)
  • Overhead primary line inspections (ten year cycle)
  • Operations testing of 3-phase disconnect switches (five year cycle)
  • Semi-annual infrared testing of switches, capacitors, arrester, underground transitions and transformers
  • Vegetation Management to assure Right of Ways are cleared every three years

Customer Meters:

  • Residential meters - test every ten years
  • Demand meters - test every five years
  • Primary meter installations (larger customers) - test every three years