Decorative Lighting Policy

In the interest of long-term economics and offering of aesthetically pleasing lighting to customers, Morristown Power System (MPS) established this policy for installation of decorative lighting.

  • MPS will, at its discretion, install decorative lighting to any customer, provided the Customer agrees to pay Contribution-in-Aid-to-Construction of one-hundred (100) percent of the difference between standard overhead lighting and the underground decorative lighting costs.
  • MPS offers four combinations of decorative lighting and standards as shown (below).
  • MPS offer two types of concrete poles, Octagonal and Talisman (selected to facilitate installation, minimize physical damage and maintain long term aesthetics).
  • MPS offers two glass prismatic light fixtures by Holophane Corporation, Granville Alcorn (supplied in black base and brass trim) and Utility Postop (supplied in Black) , in 100 Watt 3000K LED.  Glass luminaries were selected to mitigate physical and environmental damage.
  • Contact MPS for current pricing.
  • MPS shall furnish and install all conduits.

Utility_Post_Top_w_Octagonal_Pole Granville_w_Octagonal_Pole Utility_Post_Top_w_Talisman_Pole Granville_Alcorn_w_Talisman_Pole